How Trump is Creating an Authoritarian America

How Trump is Creating an Authoritarian America

From the description of the video, uploaded by Cinema Sophistry:

“We interview writer and researcher Sarah Kendzior, who explains both how Trump is actualizing an American brand of authoritarianism and how we, as active citizens, can effectively resist it. See below for key sections:

0:37 – Reacting to the election result and analyzing Trump’s appeal.
4:03 – Trump and the media.
13:08 – The global trends (political, economic & social) that led to Trump’s ascendancy.
17:47 – How the Left failed.
19:43 – How American authoritarianism can emerge.
28:29 – America’s most vulnerable groups and how they are affected.
30:43 – How to push back against Trump’s America.

If you have any thoughts about the current political climate in the United States (and the West at large) or have any suggestions for effective grassroots activism, please comment below!

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