Demand to Audit The Vote – Russian Interference in Our Election

The proven most effective voice we have is our actual VOICE. Here are resources to help make calling easier.

Demand Action on Trump’s Conflicts of Interest
  • Call the House Oversight Committee at 202-225-5074. They have informed our sources that they are tallying every call.

  1. Identify yourself as an American Citizen

  2. DEMAND a Bi-Partisan Review of all Trump’s Financials and Conflicts of Interest.

Keep Bannon Out of the White House

This article provides 6 ways for you to stop Bannon:

Electoral College

Add your name to the 4.5 Million Signatures asking electors to choose Hillary Clinton as POTUS during the Electoral College:

Boycott Trump Products & Businesses That Sell Them

#GrabYourWallet has created a comprehensive spreadsheet of the businesses that sell Trump merchandise. Boycott them and tell them you’re doing it: